Ray Kamiya covering "Time goes by" Valentine Special B
3,140 JPY [税込]

Ray Kamiya covering "Time goes by"
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Mitsuru Igarashi

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판매 방법:예약 판매
예약기간:2023/01/01 15:00-2023/01/25 11:00
레이블:The NFT Records
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Ray Kamiya

From 2018 to 2020, he belonged to the agency office and was energetically performing idols and bands, but from 2021 he turned to the "Utaite" activities in earnest.
Since then, while posting and working mainly on the Internet, in 2022 he started singing live and own his session band "Project-0-". Winner the JAPAN UTAITE GP held in December 2022. (Over 2000 applicants) Sings a wide range of genres, from dark and edgy genres to rock, pops, idol songs, and ballads. Self-proclaimed "gal".