Shimon Hoshino

At the age of 12, he left his parents and moved to France (Tours) and then to the United States (NY) after high school and returned to Japan.
After graduating from Keio University, he started working as a sound designer in 2016.

He has produced music, designed sound and fragrances for fashion shows, commercial facilities, and hotels.
He has produced many songs with Jua and is working as a pianist for Osteoleuco (Osteoleuco) from 2019.

In 2021, he won the Grand Prix in the global project "PLAYER PLUS STUDIO SESSIONS:POWERED BY FENDER®" organized by Fender.
In the same year, he joined the sound design team SOUND CoUTURE.

Shimon started lofi-surf with his father, Rinne Hoshino, a jacket designer, based on surfing, which is a part of Shimon's lifestyle.
Many of their songs have been selected for Spotify's global playlists, and in less than a year, they have received over 4 million listeners.

His other works have also been selected for official playlists on Apple music, etc.
In response for offers from Spanish trackmaker YetBaby and German jazz trsumpeter The Flipside, he produced a new album, which was also selected for the global playlist.
The album was also selected for the global playlist and gained popularity.

In addition, he has been in charge of the stage music for "0226," a short contemporary dance piece to be performed on October 28, 2022 at the Association Culturelle FrancoJaponaise de TENRI in Châtelet, Paris.

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