xas abra

A composer, visualizer and artist from Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture.
Composed experimental, ambient, electro, rock, metal, etc.
Using Pure Data, Glitch, 7-string guitar, 8-string guitar, 5-string bass, 6-string bass, etc., we have established musicality that is not bound by existing frameworks.
Its musicality is Outsider music, which creates unique music.
For visualization, use Gibber, Marching.js, Hydra, P5.js, etc. to create visuals that move in response to sound.
Create your own VST using Faust, Juce, Csound, Cabbage, etc.
Genre Experimental, Ambient, Electro, Rock, Metal, etc.
Activity area : world.

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xas abra reflexive - mini selection
xas abra
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xas abra reflexive - complete set
xas abra
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